Powerbuilt Two-Ton, Triple-Lift Floor Jack Review

Powerbuilt Two-Ton, Triple-Lift Floor Jack Review

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When it comes to floor jacks, we all want to find a good deal, but this does not mean that you should be looking for the cheapest jack in the market. After all, you are trusting it to lift your expensive car.

Settling for a cheap jack could mean that it is made from low-quality materials. A cheaply made jack could without a doubt end up damaging your car and could possibly end up injuring its user as well.

We get it, though. Floor jacks are not the cheapest thing to buy. So, how do you search for one that has remarkable quality but does not cause you to break the bank? Well, that, you can leave to us.

Powerbuilt Two-Ton, Triple-Lift Floor Jack

Powerbuilt is a company that offers some of the best equipment and tools in the market. It delivers supreme quality along with excellent durability and innovation to automotive enthusiasts and professionals. The company has been running for over three decades now, and they have consistently produced products with exceptional quality, performance, and value.

All of Powerbuilt’s products are affordable compared to several other brands, but they deliver the same level of performance as its overpriced competitors. Furthermore, their products meet or exceed all the standards set by ASME and ANSI.

Notable Features

The Powerbuilt Two-Ton, Triple-Lift Floor Jack is a heavy-duty tool that is commonly used by workshop owners. It is well-known as it can be used with a variety of popular specialty vehicles. There are quite a few features that will leave you impressed with this floor jack, so let’s talk about them in detail.

  • Design and Construction

Right at first glance, you will realize that this floor jack looks nothing like the traditional floor jacks you have always seen. It comes with its patented design, boasting a removable saddle that exposes the padded rails that are designed to support different kinds of automotive frames.

What this means is that you can use this floor jack for vehicles like cars, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and several others. Additionally, this jack is also known to be used to repair and replace differentials as well as transmissions.

The dimensions of this jack are 27 x 17 x 9 inches, and all in all, it weighs about 85 pounds. The jack is made from highly durable and long-lasting aluminum.

  • Durability

This floor jack comes with a rugged build. The makers kept in mind some of the most demanding circumstances and therefore has a durable and reliable design.

Furthermore, this is also a highly versatile floor jack as it has the ability to create a work area to repair or service your vehicle wherever and whenever you would like.

  • Safety Features

Because this floor jack is designed to be used in some of the most difficult of circumstances, they have paid close attention to all its safety features as well. It comes with fantastic safety features such as a broad base design, which will naturally add more stability.

In addition, the jack also features tie-down points so that it can secure motorcycles and other lifted vehicles. What we also liked about this floor jack is that it comes with a locking bar. This bar is designed so that it can hold the floor jack in place once it is done lifting your vehicle.

The locking bar is similar to a safety bar that is placed through the hole and sort of works like a wedge for the jack. With this, in case the jack comes plummeting down, this locking bar will prevent it from hurting the user underneath.

  • Lift Range and Maximum Capacity

This Powerbuilt floor jack comes with a fantastic, wide lift range. It starts from as low as 5.5 inches and goes up all the way to 17.5 inches. It has a maximum weight capacity of two tons.

  • Guarantee

Powerbuilt’s floor jack is made from durable materials and has been tested to withstand even the toughest of situations. Even then, if the jack does happen to break or wear out, the company is willing to replace it at any time, no questions asked.


  • Made from hard-wearing materials
  • Quite reliable and long-lasting
  • Comes with its patented design
  • Works on different types of vehicles
  • Designed with numerous safety features
  • Can go very low
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Max lifting is not very high in comparison to its competitors
  • Not the lightest floor jack

Summary of the Features

The Powerbuilt Two-Ton, Triple-Lift Floor Jack comes with a patented design that allows it to lift and hold different types of vehicles. It goes as low as 5.5 inches and as high up as 17.5 inches. It boasts a maximum weight capacity of two tons.

Furthermore, this floor jack has several safety features, such as a locking bar to prevent it from trapping the user underneath and a broad base to give your vehicle more stability. Lastly, the company offers a lifetime guarantee for every purchase of this jack.

Comparison with a Similar Jack

To know you are getting the best, it is essential to compare this jack with another similar product. So, we found the Pro-Lift F-2315PE Jack to be an ideal match.

The only thing that works in favor of the Pro-Lift jack is that it is smaller and lighter, which makes it easy to carry around. However, it only comes with a maximum height of 11.81 inches, which is significantly lower than the Powerbuilt jack.

Furthermore, the Pro-Lift jack only has a maximum capacity of 1.5 tons and is not capable of picking up different types of vehicles. For these reasons, we would recommend that you try out the Powerbuilt floor jack instead.


Having a high-quality floor jack is extremely important so that you don’t damage your car. Thanks to the Powerbuilt Two-Ton, Triple-Lift Floor Jack, you can set all those worries aside.

This product is a sturdy and beautifully crafted tool that is quite versatile and would be an ideal addition to any good workshop. We can say this with certainty that you will not regret buying this floor jack.


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