powerbuilt 620471 unijack review

Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack Review

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If you have a car, you need to have the right tools to handle any sort of problem when on the road. Your tires might burst, or you might encounter engine problems as well, so you need to be prepared at all times. A bottle jack and a jack stand are among the most important things that you should always have in your car.

Bottle jacks are used to lift vehicles. If there are some issues that you want to check under your car or you want to change your tires, this is an important tool. A jack stand is used to keep the vehicle propped up after using a bottle jack. They are both important, but did you know that you can have both of their main features in a single product?

Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack

The Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack is a popular tool that combines the features of bottle jacks and jack stands. It will allow you to lift your vehicle and sustain it at the same time. Let’s check this unique tool in detail to know how it can help you.


We will break down some of the key features of Powerbuilt Unijack and talk about some of its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check if this unijack is the best choice for you.

  • Easy to Use

One of the main features of the Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack is its user-friendly design. The item itself is already pre-built, so it doesn’t require a lot of assembling. The only thing that you need to assemble would be the handle, but it is not too complicated as you only need to put them together.

This unijack comes with a saddle and a safety pin, which is usually found in a jack stand. It also has the main components of a bottle jack like the piston assembly, socket, filler plug, release valve, and more.

After you finish assembling the handle, you just need to put it on the socket and start pumping to push the ram up and lift the vehicle. There is a lever in the middle part of the tool. Pull it up to unlock and pull it down to lock the jack and keep the vehicle propped up. Once you are done, you just need to unlock the lever and turn the release valve.

  • Adjustable Stand

The stand can be adjusted to a minimum height of 11 inches and a maximum height of 21 inches. This is also a model that makes use of a safety pin to make sure that the stand would remain steady after lifting.

  • Three-Ton Capacity

The Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack has a three-ton or 6,000-pound capacity, which means that it is capable of lifting regular vehicles. It can safely lift body-on-frame and unibody trucks with ease. What’s more, it can lift all types of sedans and light trucks such as a Ford Ranger, Nissan Frontier, Chevrolet Colorado, and all the other vehicles with a weight of 6,000 pounds below.

  • Lightweight and Compact

The Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack weighs 11 pounds and measures 9.9 x 9.8 x 11.5 inches. It is lighter than traditional bottle jacks and jack stands, and it doesn’t take too much space as well since it is just a single product.

  • Better Stability

This model has a wide flat base that would provide better stability. This feature will prevent the tool from sinking on softer surfaces like asphalt roads, soil, or grassy terrain.

Notable Highlights

  • Extremely durable
  • Can lift unibody and traditional body-on-frame cars
  • Offer better stability
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal assembly
  • Very easy to use
  • Safe to use

Minor Drawback

  • Requires a frequent change of hydraulic fluid


The Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack is very easy to use as it contains the main parts of a bottle jack and a jack stand. Using it is pretty straightforward, so if you’ve tried using bottle jacks and jack stands before, this one won’t be too hard to get used to.

The stand is adjustable up to a maximum height of 21 inches, and it can lift up car or truck with a weight of 6,000 pounds or less. It offers great stability, is very light in weight, and can be stored without problems.

Comparison with Another Jack

Powerbuilt is currently the best provider of all-in-one jacks for vehicles, which makes it the best choice if you want versatility and if you own sedans and light trucks. However, if you have trucks that are much heavier than three tons, it is not a good choice as it won’t be able to lift the vehicle.

In line with that, we decided to compare it to the Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack. This is constructed in a way that would allow you to lift vehicles with a maximum weight of six tons. Although, this model is only a hydraulic bottle jack and not a unijack like Powerbuilt. Nevertheless, it can lift heavier vehicles. If you have different trucks and cars in your garage, this is a better alternative.

The Torin bottle jack is also cheaper compared to the one from Powerbuilt. The only problem is that you will still need to buy a jack stand in order to be able to work on your truck safely. While it can lift heavy trucks, without a jack stand, it won’t be safe to use.

It is not a bad idea to buy both of them if you want, but if you don’t have a car or truck weighing 6,000 pounds or below, Torin is a much better choice; you just need to buy a jack stand. If you have sedans or light trucks and no heavier trucks, you should go for the Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack.


At the end of the day, your choice will always depend on the type of car or truck that you currently have. If you don’t mind having different jacks for your cars, then get yourself a Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack and buy other jacks. If you only have a sedan, the Powerbuilt model is the best choice as it contains both of the main features of a jack stand and a hydraulic bottle jack.

This unijack comes at a pretty good price, and it is very durable as well, so you can use it for a long time. It is user-friendly, so if you need a jack that can do all the things that you need from a car jack, this is your best option.

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