Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

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Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack: QUICK OVERVIEW

Easy to Use

Value For Money



What We Like

  • Heavy-duty solid steel construction
  • Low profile
  • Extra-wide wheels for increased stability
  • 2-piece padded handles
  • Effortless to raise
  • Excellent descent control

What We Don't Like

  • Weighs over 70 pounds

Floor jacks are handy equipment around the garage as they help you tend to the undersides of a car. They are a common feature in most car repair shops and among car hobbyists. They come in all shapes and sizes to let you get under any car in a safe and convenient manner.

Floor jacks are rated by the capacity of weight they can lift as well as their minimum weight. Low floor jacks have a relatively low profile to let them slide under low riding cars. High floor jacks ride higher to let you work on vehicles with high tires and suspension profiles.

However, some jacks let you have the best of both worlds by riding low, raising high, and boasting an impressive load capacity. The Pittsburg Automotive 3-ton low floor jack is one of them. Here’s a detailed Pittsburgh 3 Ton floor jack review which highlights some of its features.

Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

If you’re familiar with Pittsburg Automotive, you know they seldom disappoint their customers and only provide the best products on the market. They have outdone themselves to create what is probably the lowest riding floor jack on the market. The 3-ton floor jack will get under just about any low riding car that you might have. It’s also high and powerful enough to lift SUVs, trucks, and vans.

The technology on this 3-ton floor jack makes it easy to use. The dual parallel pumps take the stress out of lifting a 3-ton vehicle. You can get a vehicle up in the air in less than four pumps. A universal joint release system gives you total control when lowering the car. Controlled descent means that vehicles under your care will suffer no scratches, scrapes, or bumps.

Who is This Floor Jack For?

Anyone who loves tinkering with cars will love this heavy-duty floor jack, from the car hobbyists to the busy car repair shop down the road.

The 3-ton max lifting capacity on this industrial grade is the perfect choice for busy garages and workshops. It will effortlessly hoist a wide range of cars, including trucks, SUVs, Vans, and sedans. The jack makes it easy to handle transmission replacement and repairs.

The Pittsburgh Automotive jack works with both high rise and profile vehicles. It the perfect jack when you need to work on cars with a low clearance as fits into spaces as small as 2.875 inches. When fully extended, the floor jack stands at an impressive 19.75 inches.

Unboxing Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack

The Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack weighs 79 pounds and measures 28 x 12 x 10 inches. The shipping weight works out to 120 pounds. The saddle pad has an outer diameter of 4.25” and an inside diameter of 3.625”. The shoulder measures 0.25”. 


Low Riding Profile

At 2.875 inches, the Pittsburg Automotive jack fits under just about any low-profile car that rolls up to your shop. On the upper end, this jack extends to an impressive 19.75 inches. The generous lifting height lets you work on lowriding sports cars as well as trucks and vans.

Universal Joint Release System

This 3-ton floor jack boasts a universal release system for greater control over any car that you’re raising. You have full control over the hoisting and lowering speeds. A twist of the handle releases the pressure to initiate the lowering process in a controlled manner. A controlled descent is crucial to keeping the car intact after hoisting for repairs.

Dual-Parallel Pumping System

The floor jack's unique pumping mechanism affords you excellent hoisting speeds. The rapid pump technology lets the jack reach maximum height in 3.5 pumps. It hardly compares to the standard 10 pumps of regular jacks. That means you can lift a 3-ton truck without breaking a sweat or tiring your hand.

Solid Steel Construction

The floor jack is entirely made from high-grade steel giving it a stable and robust construction. That helps to increase durability but also makes the jack considerably heavier than aluminum floor jacks.

Wide Steel wheel

The caster wheels are made from solid steel, and the front wheels are extra wide. That helps to spread the load better when working on a soft surface such as interlocking tiles in a garage or asphalt. Wide caster wheels make it easy to use the floor jack on rough floors as they enhance stability.

A Comfy Handle

The handle is made from two parts of aluminum and is knurled to afford users a firm grip. The 2-piece handle design is convenient when transporting the jack in the back of the car. Each of the two pieces is about the size of the jack and fits nicely in a regular car. The parts are held together by a 10mm screw, and the complete handle attaches easily to the jack. The handle is padded to prevent scrapes and bumps on cars as you lift them up.


If the 79 pounds on the Pittsburg Automotive floor jack is deal-breaker for you, consider the Arcan ALJ2T aluminum floor jack. This jack weighs only 50.4 pounds and has a lifting capacity of up to 2 tons. At 3.5” high, it’s quite well suitable to get under low loads. It has a maximum lifting weight of 19.25 inches that is quickly achieved through the two-stage quick lift.

Final Verdict

From this detailed Pittsburgh 3 ton floor jack review, you can tell that it’s a solid piece of equipment. This jack gives repairs shops and car hobbyists incredible raising power when they need to get to the underside of a car. You can work on a wide range of vehicles, from lowriding sports cars to vans and trucks with higher profiles. The durable steel construction means the jack will serve for a long time. However, the steel composition of the floor jack makes it a tad heavier than aluminum counterparts. It weighs well over 70 pounds, but durable caster wheels let it glide over the floors easily whenever you need to move it.

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