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NOS NSJ0301 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack Review

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NOS NSJ0301 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Stable for 6000 pounds
  • Wide lifting range
  • Just assemble handle

What We Don't Like

  • Heavier than advertised
  • Wheel durability

One of the most important parts of the descriptive title is the number. It’s probably the most important bit of information you’ll need. You might also be interested in the word “aluminum” because this will be important if you use it on a regular basis, simply because it will be lighter than some of the classic, steel floor jacks of the past, yet it will have the power you need to lift a car, an SUV, or a small truck.

NOS NSJ0301 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack REVIEW

This durable floor jack delivers a lifting range from 3.75 inches to just a bit over 18 inches, which will be enough to handle tasks for the shop professional or the serious, do-it-yourself mechanic. People who have used the NOS-brand jack in the two-ton range about five years ago leave no doubt about choosing the 3-ton version from NOS (which has been available for about three years).

There have been a few cosmetic changes, and some potential buyers may see definite similarities between the NOS and one other brand, which is also manufactured by PowerStation.

Who is this product for?

As mentioned earlier, there’s enough power here, as well as durability, for the shop professional. However, if you’re a DIY “shade-tree” mechanic or have occasional use for a 3-ton product, you’ll do just fine with this jack. For heavier lifting, such as larger trucks and for the professional who wants a steel product to take a beating, it might be best to make a different choice.

It isn’t the least expensive aluminum jack. The price will fall in the mid-to-upper range for 3-ton performance. It’s a relatively easy tool to use and works quickly, especially when not under load. For vehicles that are higher from the ground, you can save time with this benefit. You’ll find it easy to move this jack around because it weighs under 60 pounds.

What’s included?

In addition to the main body of high-grade aluminum, this jack has a rubber saddle pad as well as a convenient side handle to make it easy to carry. The foam handle cover protects your vehicle from scratches and denting. The durable wheels are of long-lasting metal.

The handle comes in two pieces, with a spring-loaded collar for easy assembly. Some individuals have found they can extend lift range with an additional rubber pad, though this jack ranges to more than 18 inches.

When you open the package you’ll find basic instructions and the two parts of the handle right at the top. After you remove the Styrofoam packing you’ll be able to lift this relatively lightweight jack from the box using the two, pre-attached handles.

Overview of features

The lift capacity is 6,000 pounds, which means the NOS NSJ0301 is rated at 3 tons. A reliable safety valve is designed in, along with dual-pump operation that improves the lifting speed.

You will also benefit from the universal-joint design of the release, which gives you excellent control. As mentioned, the two-piece handle includes a foam pad for vehicle protection. This unit is advertised as complying with ASME PALD Standard 2009.

The caster-style wheels help you maneuver this jack and you’ll get plenty of stability with the 4.5-inch lifting saddle. The assembled handle is 50 inches in length. Overall jack length is about 24 inches, with the handle socket extending that by 3 inches. Width is about 12 inches, with closed height of under 9 inches at the highest point, and about 4.25 inches to the rubber-topped saddle.

How to use this floor jack

One of the best things about learning details of the NOS NSJ0301 is, once you learn from this video you’ll also be able to use the Arcan Model HJ3000, both of which are manufactured by Power Station. In fact, if you viewed these two units side by side, the only difference you’d see would be the color scheme.

Assembly is remarkable easy. The two-part handle has a foam pad on the lower part. The upper piece slides in until you have to press the small, spring-loaded button that locks the two pieces together. It’s essential to remove the wire holding the handle yoke down.

Just press down to loosen the hold of the wire and pull the wire out with a pair of pliers. Keep pressure on the socket/yoke to gradually allow it to lift into place. The handle can then be put into place until it snaps in securely. Use the thumb-screw to tighten the handle in place.

Following the provided instructions, rotate the handle clockwise until it stops, then back it up two full turns counterclockwise so it’s ready for use. To get the jack ready for load-lifting, pump it ten times with no load applied.

Rotate the handle counter-clockwise until it stops, so when you pump the handle the lift and saddle begin to rise. To lower the lift, rotate the handle counter-clockwise and the lift-and-saddle unit slowly fall to original position.


While almost every individual who purchase the NOS NSJ0301 will find they won’t need another jack, there may be some professionals who feel they need a unit that’s steel and a bit heavier. You might be misled by the stated weight of 27 pounds when the actual weight is closer to 58 pounds.


Almost every DIY individual and many professionals will get fine service from this jack. While it might be best for cars and lighter trucks, you should be able to lift your SUV with it as well. The price will be about right for those who want a quality jack with the lighter weight of aluminum.

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Rosa Nicolaisen - April 26, 2020

So i just got it and the box is all smashed up, it looks like i got someone’s return. the side handle placement is bad it’s not center of balance so when I pick it up it slips to the bottom, so u need 2 hands to pick it up. the front and rear wheels looks like some sort of metal. Will update if any changes when I’ll use it Says in both description and Specs. that it is light weight aluminum and weighs 37 pounds !!!! Thats why I paid big money for it as my back is not so good and I have a 3 ton jack that is about 65 pounds. So when it comes to me the box is smashed to pieces and it was so heavy to move into the garage:( so i weigh it and it is 58 pounds with out the handle attached yet !!! WTF

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