How to Rebuild a Floor Jack

How to Rebuild a Floor Jack: The 5 Easy Steps

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Floor jacks are sturdy and robust equipment that helps lift cars during tire changing and maintenance work. Frequent use and exposure to weather and dust tend to make this vital garage piece dirty, worn-out, and eventually refuses to do its job at all. Good thing, you can repair and rebuild it at a certain cost! Read on and follow the simple steps on how to rebuild a floor jack.

How to Rebuild a Floor Jack?

Floor jack rebuilding can be challenging. Expect to spend a few amounts of money to regain the functionality of your unit. At times, cheaper floor jacks tend to be costlier to repair as compared to their purchase price, and even more, expensive floor jacks can cost a good fraction of their price to rebuild. However, you don’t have to worry much on the labor cost as rebuilding a floor jack can be easily done on your own.

Step 1 – Find the Parts

Before rebuilding your floor jack, it is important to locate the damaged and worn-out parts. Examine every part of the floor jack for the presence of any pinches, breaks, and cracks.

Check the drain plug which is usually the uppermost plug when the bottle is standing on its base. The hand assembly and its bolts should also be removed and inspected. The overload valve that is often located under a screw near the release valve should also be checked for possible damages.

Try to look for suppliers who can provide you with the replacement parts. Remember that they should match with your unit perfectly. Another option is to make use of the similar pieces available, for as long as it is within the specifications and dimensions of your floor jack.

How to Rebuild a Floor Jack 2

Ask and continue to source out for possible suppliers. The more questions you ask, the more likely you’ll be able to find the things that will serve your needs.

You should also purchase a kit of rebuild pieces. This is where the bulk of the cost or expense will go. Several firms, both online and physical stores, are selling these rebuild kits for floor jacks. Be sure to order and get appropriate kits by contacting authorized sellers. Give the manufacturer’s name and the model number of your unit to ensure getting the correct rebuild kit.

Some suggest buying a few parts such as “O” rings and seals from a local hardware store to save money. However, doing so would not sufficiently provide a complete rebuild. The rebuild kit usually contains some neoprene molded to special shapes, steel balls, and copper washers.

Step 2 – Assemble the Running Gear

In rebuilding your floor jack, the first thing to be done is to restore and repair the running gear.

  • Add lubrication grease to all the running and movable parts
  • Push the Pitman pin into the handle
  • Insert the reverse switch and the spring towards the larger runner
  • Add the climbing pin to the runner
  • Install the cross pins on the climbing pins allowing it to be put into the small runner
  • Depress any springs using the head of the screwdriver
  • Place the hex pieces together
  • Install the shear bolt as the last piece

Step 3 – Add the Seal

After installing all the pieces from the running gear, the next thing to be done is to add the seal perfectly. You must first take the cylinder of the floor jack to do this.

Lift the “O” ring seal located at the end. This part of the floor jack is very thin, brittle, and can easily be broken. Thus, making it the most frequently damaged part, and possibly the most difficult part to replace.

Experts recommend welding the seal to the cylinder casing. This will enhance its strength to avoid breaking. However, doing so will prevent the future rebuilding of the floor jack.

Step 4 – Install the Rest

  • Carefully install the pin by putting the handlebar into the handle socket
  • Add the clevis to the clevis bolt
  • Place the running gear back to the bar
  • Add the foot piece
  • Place the cotter pin on the foot piece. The longer edge of the foot should always face forward together with the floor jack.

Step 5 – Finishing

After all the detached parts of the floor jack are installed and assembled, join them with the bolts. These bolts are supplied in the rebuilt kit. Screw the parts tightly with the aid of a screwdriver.

Wipe and clean the floor jack with a cloth. Test it by lifting loads and carefully observe for possible leaks. Be sure to add the proper amount of lubricating oil along the movable parts before using the floor jack as though it was brand new.

Helpful Tips in Rebuilding Your Floor Jack

  • Make sure that your work area is always clean and spotless. The dirt, dust, and grime will destroy the inside of the floor jack.
  • Make a note regarding the order of how the parts were removed. This will guide you when it comes to replacing and putting them back together afterward.
  • Check the price of new floor jack models in the store. Compare it with the cost that you will use in rebuilding. Sometimes the rebuild kit alone will cost more than a comparable new floor jack.
  • Hydraulic fluids are flammable materials. Always keep it away from open flames to avoid accidents.
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Final Thoughts

Floor jacks are simple machines that make lifting heavier loads a lot easier. They tend to get damaged and worn out with continuous use and exposure to extreme conditions and dirt. While some units are designed to be disposable, some high-quality floor jacks can be rebuilt to look and work as if they are new. Thus, learning how to rebuild a floor jack is really necessary.

Several steps should be carefully followed to rebuild a floor jack successfully. This can be done easily at your home at the expense of a certain amount. However, if you find it difficult to perform, then seeking help from the experts is recommended to ensure the best outcome for your floor jack.

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