Extreme Max Lift – 1000lbs Motorcycle Scissors Jack

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****This is a review about the Extreme Max Motorcycle Wide Scissors Jack

Extreme Max 5001.5044 1000 lbs. Motorcycle Scissors Jack-Wide


So you are looking for a nice compact motorcycle lift that will lift your fat boy Harely so you can change the oil yourself.

Also, having a Motorcycle Scissors lift helps you be able to store your motorcycle off of the ground.

This allows for the suspension to stay fresh and extended.

However, You need a lift that will hoist up to 1000 lbs with ease.

This allows you to have the clearance you need in order to do tire changes, drive chain maintenance, Cleanings, Tune ups, and much more.

The flat wide platform of the Extreme Max 5001.5044 jack covers a large area and has a textured rubber area.

This rubber area allows the bike to sit securely on the platform without scratching or causing any damage to the frame of your Motorcycle.

No scratching, no scuffing, and NO scraping.

Made from heavy duty steel, the Extreme Max lift will not bend or break under load.

EXTREME MAX 5001.5044 Jack

  • Gets your wheels off the ground
  • Helps you be able to clean the entire motorcycle
  • Works with any motorcycle
  • Works with any dirt bike
  • Works with any adventure bike
  • Woks with any sport bike

EXTREME MAX 1000 LBS Scissor Jack Features


Will lift any motorcycle you have. Its a simple easy to operate motorcycle Scissor Jack.

In Fact its so easy to operate that you can use a 7/8″ drive on your air impact or your drill to lift the bike.

This eliminates the need for any messy step lifts or handle lifts.

Just pull out your 7/8″ drive and lift your bike with ease.

  • Super Strong (up to 1,100 LBS)
  • Wide platform for Stability
  • Slim fit for storage
  • Extremely Low Ground Clearance
  • Huge Reach
  • Extends to a height of 14″
  • Heavy Duty Steel Fram
  • Rubber Padding
  • Self Braking

Extreme Max is more than a brand. It’s a way of life.

It’s the expectation that your outdoor gear will withstand high speeds, low temperatures and deep powder; long days in the water and sun; or muddy rough-and-tumble terrain.

For every outdoor extreme, we have the equipment.

Extreme Max. Do more outdoors.

This motorcycle stand is a really good value. You can use it to lift just about any bike for servicing or repairing your motorcycle. You can leave your motorcycle up on the Extreme Max Lift for long extended periods of time.

Make sure you center the front wheel and use straps to secure the motorcycle.

Extreme Max 1000 lbs. Motorcycle Scissors Jack-Wide

You also might want to use 2 people when you use the stand for the very first time.

Make Sure the bike is Centered on the stand!!

A battery powered drill will crank the Extreme Max Lift up or down without much effort.

The Extreme Max Stand has a nice wide Platform for your bike to sit on.

The Extreme Max Lift really doesn’t require a ton of upkeep to keep it working correctly. 

Keep the Extreme Max Scissors lift oiled and it will continue to perform for years to come.


Extreme Max 1000 lbs Lift

  • Model # 5001.5044
  • 27.1 pounds
  • Dimensions 18x10x3.8

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