daytona floor jack review

Daytona Floor Jack Review

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If you find yourself in a road-trip-gone-wrong situation, a floor jack can be a handy tool for you. Although, with the hundreds of options available, it may be challenging to find a floor jack that fits your needs. In that case, this Daytona Floor Jack review will help you cut to the chase.

Floor jacks are not the usual part of locker room talk, so people mostly turn to their peers with hands-on experience. Yet, the new breed is more inclined towards the browsing experience, given its a big time saver. So, in this review, you will find the essentials that will cater to your needs.

Daytona Floor Jack Review

Founded in Osaka under Henry Abe Industry Co. Ltd, Daytona aims to provide innovative accessories packages and high-quality performance to their customers. The brand has come up with custom motor parts and, most recently, its floor jack range.

Due to the high build quality of their products, the brand is one to give competitors a run for their money when it comes to its polished technical features.


Coming to its latest offering, be it a professional technician or your average consumer, this three-ton professional steel floor jack from Daytona lives up to its hype. With an honest look at its potential, let’s see if this floor jack is indeed a good investment for you.

  • Lift Range

When it comes to picking the best floor jacks, it all comes down to weight lift potential. Your floor jack is supposed to possess distinguished weight lifting capabilities since they need to elevate heavy-duty objects. This floor jack allows you to lift anywhere from 3 3/4 inches to 23 1/8 inches.

What’s more, this floor jack is heavy, but it is that way for a reason. The extent of its lifting range is highly precise and sustainable to lift objects, which can range from a medium passenger car to trucks. If you are looking to drop the load off your arm, then this floor jack will help you with it.

  • Warranty

A floor jack is a long-term investment; this is a fact that is easily neglected when people go through their options. It is not supposed to be a seasonal buy that will make you drive to the store every six months. With that in mind, you’d be thrilled to know that this floor jack from Daytona comes with an impressive warranty of three years.

  • Design

This floor jack’s design outweighs its counterparts when it comes to its finish. The sleek bright yellow powder coat gives off a sporty yet classic look. This means that you don’t have to hide in the corners; instead, you can place in an area of your garage where anyone can admire its beauty.

  • Hydraulic Pump

This unit is equipped with a built-in hydraulic system and an internal magnetic filtration, promising a smooth pump life. Leave it to this floor jack to lift your heavy vehicles with fewer pumps that your average floor jack.

The hydraulic pump works even better under a moderate load, helping the pump to cover the space between the ground and your lift point. If you continue pumping beyond the intended wheel lifting, it will lift the other wheel off the ground as well.

Fortunately, the handle has a smooth rubber sleeve to shield it from any kind of scratches during the entire process.

  • Mobility

Mobility is a necessary element in floor jacks if you want it to be fail-proof and prevent damages. Daytona is known for providing rotating, removable jacks, which make the experience of lifting vehicles more fluid.

You have to be careful with a floor jack and make sure it is equipped with sturdy wheels to operate smoothly. With the Daytona floor jack, you wouldn’t have to deal with the use of full-length handles if the space enclosure is not wide. The handle itself snaps together pretty easily in two parts.

  • Low Profile

The Daytona Floor Jack makes a case for smooth ground clearance with its low-profile design. This means that it lifts and settles vehicles that sit low with absolute ease. The feature comes handy with jeeps or even a Mustang without causing a leak. You could leave it lifted for the entire time, and it won’t break down. However, that’s not necessarily recommended.


  • Heavy weight lifting range
  • Has a low-profile build
  • Runs on two pumps
  • Comes with a long-lasting warranty
  • Equipped with a reliable pump system
  • Sleek exterior finish


  • Heavy
  • Lacks longevity


If you need a floor jack that offers a reasonable package, then this option from Daytona is the right pick for you. Its cutting-edge features, like its low-profile design and solid weight lifting range, make it a good buy for both amateurs and professionals.

It is important to make it clear in this Daytona Floor Jack review that it won’t work for people looking for a lightweight jack. It weighs more than 100 pounds, and some might not find it easy to deal with. Nevertheless, it covers all the essentials, including mobility. It also promises a three-year warranty, making it an awesome deal.

Comparison with a Similar Floor Jack

If you are having a hard time deciding, then perhaps looking at a detailed comparison of two options may help make up your mind. To make it easier for you, we compared the floor jack from Daytona with a similar one from a trusted brand—the Arcan XL2T.

The Arcan XL2T has similar features to the Daytona floor jack. It comes with a low-profile design, allowing you to slide it under vehicles with a clearance of 2.75 inches. Similarly, it is built using a steel frame. Hence, when it comes to their core features, both look similar.

One problem we had with the Arcan XL2T is that it doesn’t offer a long warranty. For the price, you’d only be getting a one-year-long warranty. Also, despite its impressive weight lift, it’s not manufactured to life higher than the Daytona floor jack can. Simply put, all in all, the Daytona floor jack offers more value for your money.


Coming to the final thought, if you are one to demand a floor jack that takes care of weight lifting and has a low-profile style at the same time, then the Daytona Floor Jack will do the trick for you. Fail-proof mobility, potential to lift heavy-duty objects, and sleek design makes it worth every penny.


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dave - March 31, 2020

Quote “One problem we had with the Arcan XL2T is that it doesn’t offer a long warranty. For the price, you’d only be getting a one-year-long warranty. Also, despite its impressive weight lift, it’s not manufactured to life higher than the Daytona floor jack can. Simply put, all in all, the Daytona floor jack offers more value for your money.”

1) How is a mere 2 ton rating, an “impressive weight lift”? That’s not even enough for the average owner of a full sized sedan, pickup, or SUV for long term use.

2) It cannot be assumed that it is not manufactured to a longer life than the Daytona. Warranty does not equal lifespan. Very old jacks that lasted 20-30 years, also had only a 1 year warranty but certainly lasted longer than either of these two contenders will. Warranty just means that Harbor Freight added a little to the cost of the product to cover that, in order to make it look competitive against the Snap-on product they directly market and compare it to.

Generally speaking, all of these cheapest choices are going to have poor lifespan from # of use cycles, but perhaps the Harbor Freight does have the u-cup piston seal and that helps a lot, except it will be polyurethane which has the shorter life of the possible materials.

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