Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack Review

Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack Review

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There has really been a lot of hype surrounding the Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack, and we sure do understand because it has a lot of promising claims. One of those claims is that it was constructed in such high regard that it can handle heavy-duty vehicles. Another claim is that it has a unique design that makes it easy for anyone to operate it.

As such, to really know if it is worth the hype, we would try to get to the bottom of these claims as well as assess the features, pros, and cons of this product. At the same time, we will compare it with another product to see how it can fare against the tough competition.

Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack

If you think about it, great construction and ease of use is a not a bad combination, right? But can this service jack really do all those?


Upon unboxing the product, these are the things we found:

  • Saddle and Caster

Let us first talk about the product’s padded saddle and rear caster. Both of which can swivel, so it will be easy for you to adjust it to your preferred position.

  • Safeguards

There are also frames that are rolled on the side for extra strength. If you are concerned about your safety while you are underneath the car, you do not have to worry because it has an internal safety valve that is already built-in.

In line with the safeguards of this product, it also has a bypass device to ensure that you won’t overpump it.

  • Construction

In terms of its construction, most of it is made of heavy-duty steel. As such, you are assured that once a vehicle is lifted, it will remain upright and not exert too much pressure on the base of the service jack. As for lifting, it raises cars smoothly so as not to damage any of their parts.

  • Lifting Functionality

The Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack has a total capacity of 3.5 tons, which allows you to use it for small cars and unloaded trailers or trucks. What is great about it is that it can lift items to your desired jacking point quickly. At the same time, when it senses that the load brings pressure, it automatically slows down the lifting rate.

While we are on the topic of lifting, you can do so by using the handles which are also padded and will not come into contact with your vehicle, preventing any damages. Keep in mind though that the two-piece handle will not go completely vertical if it is fully raised.

  • Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, the Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack comes with a manual and the instructions provided are very easy to follow.

If you are wary about its release point, you do not have to be because it has a release valve that reacts in just four seconds. Thus, you can lower your vehicle in no time. It also has a high lifting level, giving you plenty of space to work underneath your car.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Does not leak
  • Very balanced
  • Multipurpose
  • Great for both raised and lowered vehicles
  • Little to no damage to the car
  • Safeguards are effective for you and your car
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Rubber pads can easily stray from the initial position
  • Has a bit of a squeaky sound when used
  • Cannot be used outdoors; not rust proof
  • Wheels can get trapped easily
  • A bit heavier than other service jacks.


The Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack can be used by both raised and lowered cars, but it is best for cars which have a standard height. Accordingly, its size is great for keeping itself stable as well as the lifted vehicle. The very secure base can also help with balance and stability.

If your main concern is how high it can lift, this is the service jack for you because it has a high lifting capacity which leaves you with a lot of space to work. Not only that, pads are almost everywhere so even if the car is lifted at its maximum height, it will not be damaged. Lastly, it can be used by beginners and professionals as the design is very simple and straightforward.

Comparison with the Sunex XL20 Black Service Jack

Let us now compare the Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack to a similar product which is the Sunex XL20 Black Service Jack. The one from Sunex is similar to the one from Blackhawk in terms of design. There are no frills or flashy attachments; instead, it remains true to its purpose which is straight on lifting.

It is also made of heavy-duty steel, so it has great construction. At the same time, it has a dual pump so it will be faster and easier to lift a vehicle. Additionally, it comes with two-piece handles that are equipped with bumper pads to protect your car from any scratches.

With this service jack, you also get a lot of control because it has a joint release that is universal. The reaction time might not be as fast as the one from Blackhawk, but still, it can lower your car gracefully.

More than that, it also has a safety valve to prevent overloads. Its minimum lifting weight height is 3.5 inches, and the maximum is 18.5 inches.


The hype is most definitely real for the Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack. It is so versatile, and you do not have to worry about damaging your vehicle when you lift it, more so encounter problems while lifting it. The same goes with releasing it as it does abruptly go down.

This will be perfect for those who are going to lift their car for the first time as the set up is straightforward. At the same time, it is a breeze to operate, and it works properly every single time. Most of the time, the hype is not real for products, but for this service jack, it can deliver as promised!


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