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Best Motorcycle Lift Table

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Whats the Best Motorcycle Lift table?

** this article if for the motorcyclist looking for a solid lift table

There are a couple of things that need to be considered with looking at a lift.

I think the very first question we ask ourselves is how big of a lift or jack do I need?

If you have a street bike it weights different then lets say a dirt bike.

The other thing you need to think about is…

What are you going to be using the jack/lift for?

Weight and size will be a deciding factor in what lift will work best for you. Nothing is worse when you go to lift your bike up on the stand to work on it and the lift won’t lift it.

You also don’t really need to go over kill on the lift as well. You want to make sure that it fits in your garage along with all the other toys you have.

Why do you want a lift for your motorcycle versus a stand?

A motorcycle lift allows you to get your bike up off the ground. This allows you to work on your bike in a much more comfortable way.

You can change the tires, oil, and do motor work if needed.

You can lift the bike up or down depending on you are working on the bike

A stand is stationary.

The motorcycle stand is great if you just want to store the bike and keep the first and suspension just off the ground. But having a stand can make it a little more difficult to work on.

However, a motorcycle stand tends to be a much cheaper option.

The other thing to consider is the cost.

Sure everyone of us dream of have the most expensive lift possible in the garage that will fit our motorcycle and UTVS

For example this Kernal motorcycle lift is a professional grade lift but isn’t cheap – CLICK HERE TO SEE PRICE

most expensive motorcycle lift

Its a pretty cool lift if I have the pennies and the room for a huge motorcycle lift like the Kernal….maybe

But if you are like me you probably don’t have room for a lift that size.

So this is really for those that need the lift to fit in a standard garage.

When it comes to the best motorcycle lift it really does depend on the size, weight, and your specific use case.


We are going to recommend 2 motorcycle lifts that we feel are a good fit.

our first recommendation is a motorcycle lift built for the bigger bikes… a street bike, cruiser, or a Harley.

This is a lift that you can keep in your garage and still get your street bike off the ground to change oil or tires.

1. 2019 OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

This is our best heavy duty lift/jack recommendation

Best motorcycle lift

This motorcycle lift has a 1500 lbs capacity. Which means it will pretty much lift any bike with ease. The surface deck of the lift is wide enough to fit even the fat cruisers out there.
Super low clearance allowing you to get under that dropped chopper you built for cousin Vinnie. 
The OTC 1545 motorcycle lift comes with a handle that can be removed once you are done rolling it around the shop or out of storage.
The motorcycle jack weights 75 lbs but don’t work it comes on lockable roller wheels.
The OTC 1545 jack also comes with safety lock and ratcheting tie down straps to insure that your bike is safe and sound while you are working on it.

OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

  • Lifts 1500 lbs
  • Safety roller wheels
  • Safety locks and straps
  • Low approach angle
  • Easy to store in garage
  • Handle

The OTC 1545 Motorcycle Jack is what we recommend for the big cruiser bikes.

What does it cost?


2. Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

This is our best light duty jack/lift recommendation

dirtbike lift

This is a lift is make to for bikes that are lighter than 500 lbs.

We recommend this motorcycle lift for the dirt bike owners. The typical Dirt bike weighs below 300 lbs.

This dirt bike lift/jack is compact enough to be in your garage and because of the lockable wheels you can also move it whenever you need to.

When working on a dirtbike its you can lift the bike to your desired working height with this motorcycle lift.

It comes with a easy to use foot pedal that allows you to raise or lower the jack.

You can lift your bike to 34.5″….

A padded rubber platform keeps the bike in place and safe from scratches. You can use the safety hooks to tighten your bike securely to the bike lift.

Like we mentioned before this is a light duty lift recommended for dirt bikes.

Extreme Max 5001.5083

  • Can lift your bike up really high if needed
  • 300 lbs capacity
  • Easy to use foot pedal
  • Hydrolic
  • Lockable roller wheels

What does the Extreme Max Jack cost?


This is a favorite lift for those who like to work on their dirtbikes.

You don’t need a super expensive motorcycle lift to get the job done. Not saying that it wouldn’t be super cool to have a large table deck lift to work on my bikes…..I am just saying that if you don’t have the mula don’t stress it.

One of the 2 motorcycle jacks will work great.

The heavy duty lift is best for the large bikes and the small light duty lift is best for dirt bikes.

There you have it Auto Aid 2 Best Motorcycle lift or Jack recommendations. If you have any questions or comments please let us know how we can help.

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