Best Floor Jack for SUVs: Easy Tire Change Anytime, Anywhere

Best Floor Jack for SUVs: Easy Tire Change Anytime, Anywhere

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If you own an SUV, there will come a time where you will need to lift the vehicle. Having a standard floor jack will not cut out in such a case; you will need the best floor jack for SUVs to do the job.

Lifting an SUV, or a vehicle similar to it, can bring about several challenges. The most common one is, obviously, the weight. These vehicles are significantly heavier than the average car, which means that you require a jack capable of carrying that much weight safely.

Of course, a car lift is a better option to do this job, but they are costly. The floor jack is a cheaper alternative, and a majority of them have a maximum lifting capacity of three tons. If you are looking for floor jacks, look no further. We will review three fantastic ones in this article.

Best Floor Jack for SUVs: The Top Recommendations

On our search to find floor jacks that would safely lift SUVs, we came across several of them and tried them out for ourselves. Upon carefully testing each one, we decided to settle for the best three, which we will review below.

1. Reliancer Car Floor Jack

Reliancer is a new company that began its operations in 2016. It is a quickly growing consumer lifestyle brand, and it has its operations in several countries across the world. The company is known to make innovative products that are meant to make life much easier.


The Reliancer Car Floor Jack is heavy-duty equipment that can lift your vehicle with absolute ease. Its design comes with a thickening steel plate and an anti-oxidation paint job, which makes it rust-resistant and wear-resistant. Furthermore, it comes with a reinforced solid screw rod along with a larger base that ensures that the jack does not get twisted or easily torn apart.

The jack’s cross groove saddle is particularly designed to lift SUVs and sedans. It has a maximum weight capacity of five tons and a maximum height reach of 45 centimeters. The jack comes with a two-way power supply: battery clips with 12V DC and a car cigarette lighter.

This jack’s operation could not have been any simpler. In fact, it will take only about two minutes to lift your vehicle fully. Just power it on, and it will smoothly lift your car without you putting any effort like you would with a traditional hand jack.

What’s better is that this jack also comes with an in-built LED light. This is ideal when you have to lift your car in poor lighting conditions. It is also fully waterproof, which means that you can use it even on rainy days.

Lastly, this entire jack and all parts of it come in a durable toolbox. This keeps the equipment and all the parts well organized. The toolbox can also be used as a road sign.


  • Smooth operation
  • Comes with LED light
  • Rust-proof and waterproof
  • Comes with a storage box


  • Powering it up takes a little time


2. ABN Electric Hydraulic Jack

ABN, Auto Body Now, is an ever-expanding tool brand that is family-owned and is based in South Dakota. The brand covers a large variety of auto tool needs. All its products are tried and tested and offer the highest qualities in the market.

This brand’s products are perfect for DIYers as well as professionals. Furthermore, they have a brilliantly strong internet presence, and they ship over 50,000 products every month.


The ABN Electric Hydraulic Jack is an ideal jack to use in emergencies if you have an SUV or a sedan. The jack comes with a maximum weight capacity of three tons or 6,000 pounds, along with a lift range of six to 17.5 inches.

Using this jack is quite easy. All you need to do is connect it to your car’s cigarette lighter outlet. Once connected, flip the switch on, and it will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Safety-wise, the jack comes with a self-locking power structure. This feature will keep the raised jack locked in its position and prevent it from falling even if there is no power. When it gets powered, the jack will continue to remain at that height. There is also a safety valve, which can be unlocked in case there is an emergency where the jack needs to fall quickly.

What we also liked about the jack is that there is a LED light on the front. This light is super bright and is ideal for nighttime repair work. Lastly, the hydraulic tank is enclosed fully, which means that it can be used at any angles without the fear of the oil leaking out.


  • Very safe to use
  • Enclosed hydraulic tank
  • Comes with a bright LED light


  • No storage box
  • Quite heavy


3. ROGTZ Electric Scissor Automatic Car Floor Jack

ROGTZ is a company that manufactures car floor jacks. They have excellent quality and are quite durable. The company sells its products exclusively on online shopping sites.


The ROGTZ Electric Scissor Automatic Car Floor Jack is an ideal tool to have in emergencies. It does an excellent job of lifting your car to repair or change your tire. The jack’s body has a reinforced steel structure of a much higher density, which means that it will not tear apart easily or even twist. Furthermore, it has a compact triangle design along with a heavy-duty steel plate.

The jack comes with a maximum weight capacity of three tons and a maximum height of 42 centimeters. It takes only two minutes to reach the maximum height. The jack also comes with two removable raised heads with silicone sleeves, which are designed for safer operation during the lifting process for SUVs and sedans.

The jack can be powered via the cigarette lighter output or the car battery with the help of the battery clamp. Just plug it in, switch it on, and you are good to go. There is a bright LED light as well for using the jack during nighttime.

Lastly, this jack also comes with its own toolbox, which keeps it and all the components well organized. Furthermore, the box also doubles as a road sign.


  • Comes with a storage box
  • Two ways to power the jack
  • Quite light in weight
  • Comes with silicone sleeves


  • Low maximum height



Which of these three is the best floor jack for SUVs? All are easily capable of lifting SUVs, but between the three of them, we like the Reliancer Electric Car Floor Jack the most.

While it does have the highest capacity, this jack also has the highest maximum lifting height. It can be powered in two ways and is completely rust-proof and waterproof. This is definitely a great jack to invest in if you own an SUV.

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