Best Electric Car Jack of 2019: Complete Reviews with Comparison

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What comes to mind when you think of a flat tire? Do you inwardly groan knowing that you’re in for a hard time? Or do you take the time to call in a favor from a friend or relative? For most people, especially if you’re not handy with tools, a flat tire spells a complete disaster.

That’s where electric jacks come in to save the day. These car accessories handle most of the heavy lifting to make quick work of changing a flat. They are simple and easy to use, and suit drivers of all ages. Here’s a selection to help you find the best electric car jack on the market.

Comparison Chart

ROGTZ Electric Car Floor Jack 3

ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack

MarchInn 12V DC 5.0T(11000lb) Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack

12V DC 1 Ton Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack Set

Automotive Electric Car Jack

Best Electric Car Jack Reviews

1. ROGTZ Electric Car Jack

Sturdy and robust, the ROGTZ electric car jack makes for a stress-free tire changing experience. A heavy thickened steel construction lets the jack handle the weight of your vehicle without the risk of twisting or bending. That means you can use it for a long time without putting your vehicle in harm’s way.

Trendy Triangular Design

This electric jack boasts a compact triangular design riding on a sizeable base plate. The shape improves the jack’s load-bearing ability and makes for secure storage as it almost folds flat. The contact heads are removable, lowering the amount of space needed to store the jack.

High Weight Limit

The exceptional engineering behind the ROGTZ electric jack results in a 3-ton lifting capacity, the perfect choice for lifting sedans and SUVs. If you own more than one car, this jack can serve your entire fleet. That saves a considerable amount of money without risking being stranded on the road due to a flat tire.

Automated Stop

At the touch of a button, the electric jack will lift the car off the ground before coming to an automatic stop. That eliminates the risk of the vehicle tipping over as when trying to change the tire. The jack elevates the car up to 42 inches, effortlessly giving you the necessary ground clearance.

Time-Saving Car Accessory

Once you press the lift button on the jack, it takes under a record two minutes to lift a 3-ton vehicle. That keeps the entire process of changing a flat tire under 10 minutes, inclusive of all safety precautions, unhooking the spare tire and replacing it with the flat one. Never again will you run late due to a flat tire. Just make sure that your car’s weight falls within the right weight category to avoid malfunctions and damages.

Handy Night Companion

Flat tires happen anywhere. One minute you’re driving smoothly, the next the car is wobbling on 3 tires. Sometimes that happens at night. If that happens, you can depend on the built-in flash LED on this electric jack to help you out. The powerful flashlight provides you with the necessary illumination to change a flat even in the middle of the night. It’s also useful if you run into other car troubles in a low-light environment.

Dual Power Source

The ROGTZ Electric Car Floor Jack boast two sources of power to ensure that you’re never caught flatfooted in the unfortunate event that you have a flat. The standard cable connects to the car’s cigarette lighter. The second cable boasts a pair of alligator clips that hook up to your car’s battery and a socket to hook up the standard cable.

Handy Storage Toolbox

Each unit ships with a durable took kit for secure storage. Each box is compartmentalized for better organization. That puts all accessories within reach and ensures that you don’t leave anything behind when packing up. The toolbox can double as a road sign to help you keep safe.


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    Handy triangular design
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Automated stopping function
  • Dual power sources
  • LED light


  • One contact head has a plastic top layer

2. ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Jack

This sleek and stylish hydraulic jack packs quite a punch and can lift vehicles that weigh up to 3 tons (6,000 pounds). It makes quick work of raising your car, truck, SUV, or Crossover, when you need to change a flat tire on the go. This robust jack boasts a lift range of between 15.5 to 45 cm, depending on the car. That gives you enough working space to replace the tire without breaking a sweat.

Intuitive Usage

The hydraulic jack comes with two switches, making it quite simple to use. One switch controls the lifting and lowering of the hydraulic system. The other switch is of the LED light to let you have a clear view when working in a low light environment or at night. That means the jack can double up as flashlight so you have a reliable light source whenever you need it.

Easy on Your Battery

This electric car jack won’t drain the car battery since it doesn’t need power to hold the raised position. Once you have lifted car to the desired height, you can disconnect the power cable. A self-locking mechanism kicks in to let the jack hold that position without danger of collapsing. You can proceed to change the tire and then connect the cable back to lower the jack. However, since the entire process is super-fast, keeping the cables connected won’t drain your battery.


The construction of a hydraulic jack makes it relatively lighter compared to their screw counterparts. Weighing less than 8 pounds, this jack makes the perfect choice for motorists looking for a powerful but lightweight jack. The sturdy construction of this jack’s chambers ensures for a leak-free construction. A leak-free hydraulic housing increases the lifespan of the jack without any loss of lifting power.


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    Lightweight hydraulic jack
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Self-locking safety mechanism
  • LED light


  • You have to stop jack manual at the top and at the bottom

3. MarchInn Electric Hydraulic Jack

The MarchInn Electric Hydraulic jack turns the tire changing process into a cakewalk, even while driving a heavy car. You can change a flat tire in record time, even when your vehicle weighs as much as five tons. The hydraulic jack handles all the heavy lifting to have the car up in the air in less than a minute. It reduces all that effort to the touch of a button.

Trendy Compact Design

The MarchInn hydraulic jack boasts a stylish look that makes it an absolute joy to own. It comes with a top carry handle that makes it easy to lift and stow away after use. It rides on a sturdy steel base to give it the necessary stability when lifting the car. The two operating switches and the connection port are handily located on the jack for easy and convenient access. The compact design makes the jack easy to use and stow away after use.

Perfect Motoring Companion

This product comes in a handy combo – jack, LED light, inflator pump, impact wrench, and lug nuts sockets - for an all-in-one emergency solution. It makes the perfect solution when venturing outdoors or even going on a road trip. The inflator pump ensures that you maintain your tire pressure at the required level. The LED light means you can tend to emergency repairs at night. The impact wrench makes quick work of the screws to deliver a smooth and painless tire change.

Additional Accessories

This hydraulic jack ships with other items to help improve your motoring experience. In addition to the 10-foot long power cable and battery clamps, each unit ships with a safety hammer, a reflective triangle, a pair of gloves, and three replacement fuses.

Dual Sources of Power

The jack is powered through a standard 12-volt cigarette lighter in the car as well as through the car’s battery. That means you can use the jack even when your vehicle doesn’t have a cigarette lighter. It also means you don’t have to make additional purchases if one of the cables is damaged as you can use the alternative.


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4. 12V DC 1 Ton Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack

This electric hydraulic jack with an inbuilt inflator pump comes with additional accessories, battery clamps, socket adapters, gloves, and sleeves. This combo makes a perfect emergency kit for motorists who’re always on the road. The robust hydraulic jack effortlessly lifts the car while the electric wrench makes loosening the lugs easy.

Perfect Jack for Small Cars

With a rated capacity of 1 ton, this jack is the ideal choice for motorists with small vehicles. It has a lifting range of 6.1-inches to 17.1-inches to give you the clearance necessary for a hassle-free tire change. The rotating thread rod adds an extra 75mm by raising the cross groove to provide additional ground clearance whenever you need it. The sleek, compact design lets the jack fit in an equally compact storage case. You can stow the jack in the trunk of your car without running out of space.

Hassle-free Tire Change

The powerful 340N.M impact wrench is a breeze to use through the tire changing process. It means that you’ll never suffer a blister or ruin your perfectly manicured nails changing a tire. You only need to connect the wrench to a power source, and you’re good to go. With this jack, you no longer have to dread changing a tire whenever you have a flat. This jack spells good news for female drivers as it does all the heavy lifting in the tire changing process. It also ships with four sleeves to makes quick work of any lug nuts you may have on your wheels.

Intuitive Use

Despite its sturdy nature, this jack is easy to use. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter and you’re ready to go. The jack features two switches – an up-down switch and another one to switch between the jack and the tire inflator mode. Since the jack handles all the heavy lifting and is intuitive to use, drivers of all ages can now safely change a flat.

Stable and Safe

The hydraulic jack is well-engineered to enhance safety and avoid injuries. The jack boasts a self-locking mechanism to keep the car at an elevated height even when you power off the jack. That means you can power off the jack and still keep it elevated. A cross groove saddle ensures the car sits firmly on the jack to safeguard your car’s body and paintwork.

Handy Storage Box

Each unit ships in a handy storage box for secure storage and safety. The sturdy box lets you keep all the accessories in one space for quick retrieval. The storage boxes are compartmentalized to fit all accessories. Anti-skid tape keeps the box anchored in place. Reflective tape lets the storage box double up as a safety reflector.


  • check
    Inbuilt inflator pump
  • Includes an impact wrench
  • Perfect for small cars
  • Self-locking mechanism
  • Storage box doubles up as safety reflector


  • Low load-bearing capacity

5. 3 Ton 12V DC Scissor Electric Jack

The heavy-duty steel sheet construction of this scissor jack makes it the perfect choice for motorists looking for a workhorse with an extended lifespan. The large saddle and base keep the car stable in the lifted position when you need to change a flat. The compact design makes it easy to store without taking too much of your car’s storage space.

Highly Efficient

The solid scissor construction of this jack gives it a high weight loading capacity. It will effortlessly lift vehicles that weigh up to 3 tons in less than a minute. It comes with two heads to cater to the different ground clearance needs of various cars. The longer head gives you a lifting height of 17 to 42 cm and is meant for larger SUVs. The smaller head achieves a lifting height of between 12.5 to 36 cm and is best used on smaller cars.

Handy and Convenient

The scissor jack plugs into a 12-volt car outlet or the battery to give you more powering options. Provided alligator clips let you hook the power cable to the car’s battery in case your vehicle doesn’t have a power outlet. A remote-control unit attached to the power cable houses the intuitive buttons to work the jack.

Handy Combo

Each unit ships with additional accessories including a crank handle, a controller, fuses, an impact wrench, screws, gloves, two lifting heads, and socket adapters. There are two lifting heads – car and SUV. It gives you all the necessary implements to change a flat tire and more. Since the jack ships with a crank handle, you have the option of using it without hooking it up.


  • check
    Sturdy heavy-duty construction
  • Lots of accessories including an impact wrench
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Crafted for SUVs and smaller cars
  • Uses two sources of power
  • Has a manual option


  • A tad bulky


A high load-bearing capacity, inbuilt pump, and LED flashlight make the MarchInn electric hydraulic jack a cut above the rest. The electric jack lets you change a flat tire in record time while the inbuilt tire inflator enables you to top up tire pressure on the go. Its compact design makes it easy to store and organize the accessories in the handy storage toolbox. It works with cars of all makes and models below 3 tons.

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