Roadstar 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Low Profile Review

Roadstar 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Low Profile Review

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Roadstar 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Low Profile: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Low profile
  • Steel/aluminum combination
  • Lift height

What We Don't Like

  • Lack of availability
  • Overall weight

This jack in the 3-ton class is billed as a “racing jack.” It is built with high-quality aluminum to tight tolerances for good performance. The aircraft-grade metal keeps it light and easy to handle, which is important if you do use it in the fast-paced world of racing.

The profile is low enough for most settings (3.8 inches) and there should be plenty of work room with the 19.3-inch maximum lift height. Some sources state this specific model is not available at the moment, but if you really want one, you might keep checking your source.

Roadstar 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Low Profile REVIEW

Because of a lifting height of under 4 inches on the low end, this is considered a low-profile, professional jack suitable for the racing industry. But the manufacturer also markets it as suitable for automotive body shops and home garages, as well as for industrial and agricultural use. It’s a bit heavier than some of the other aluminum units in the 3-ton class at 73 pounds, but it’s still much lighter than steel-body jacks of this size.

Who is this product for?

The ideal customer for this specific jack might be the individual who works on competition vehicles and sports cars that must have a low profile to perform well. It might not be the jack to use if you’re in the business of repairing larger vehicles and diesel-powered trucks.

It would be fine for the DIY mechanic and the professional who works on cars and light trucks much of the time. It is marketed for racing, but the design and weight shouldn’t present much of a problem for the first-time user.

What’s included?

There won’t be any surprises when you open the box of this floor jack (if you can find one, that is). It has the expected design that includes convenient side handles for moving it around the shop or garage, as well as the two-piece handle that is secured by the spring-loaded button.

You’ll also find the handle has the necessary foam padding to protect the vehicle you’re working on. Steel wheels hold up on the job and the caster-wheel design on the back gives you additional maneuverability.

Overview of features

A close look at the Roadstar 3-ton jack shows the 73-pounds includes a combination of aluminum and steel, with an overall size of 30” x 14.75” x 7” You’ll benefit from the maximum lift height of just under 19 inches. The design includes a safety valve to prevent overloading the pump capabilities.

The dual-pump design makes quick lifting possible, and the return springs make handle operation trouble free. The jack also has the necessary saddle pad for protecting the underside of your vehicle. Some users might find the extra 15 pounds of weight from the combination steel/aluminum construction troublesome, but this is a minor issue for most buyers.

How to use this floor jack

Assembly should be relatively straightforward, considering the manufacturer includes basic instructions that should be easy to follow. You’ll first see the two-part handle, which snap together quickly and securely. Insert the foam-protected piece into the lower tube and the button (spring loaded) holds the two parts together.

The yoke/handle socket on the back end may be held in place for shipping by a wire that can be easily removed. Put some pressure on the yoke to loosen the wire’s hold and remove the wire with a pair of pliers. Keeping slight pressure on the socket/yoke, allow it to return to its original position. The handle, once inserted, can be held in place with the set screw.


If there’s a need to discuss alternatives to the Roadstar 3-ton floor jack, it might be because this specific model carries about 15 pounds more weight than some jacks in the category. It does have a lower profile, which makes it great for sports cars and racing use.

If you’re looking for a really heavy-duty floor jack, you might want to go with all-steel construction. But the newest aluminum jacks provide outstanding lift power without structural problems, and they generally cost a bit less.


The major issue with this jack is availability. Popular sources say it’s currently not available. But, if you can find one, you’ll probably be very happy with the performance. It will not only serve you well in the competition world, but should also provide reliable service for the home mechanic and as an addition to the professional shop. You’ll find there’s plenty of steel in the construction, if that happens to be an issue for you.

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